This is the space where we showcase our students’ productions and visualizations. Every Facebook profile works as a repository of each team’s work developed based on the activities that can be traced in the #VisibleCities Project Page.

Below there is a link to each city and some sample productions. The rest can be accessed directly from the Facebook page created by students:


“I chose to draw the new city of Maurilia to represent the new way of life that Maurilian people have. I based my drawing on a futurist city to show that Maurilia has not turned only into a modern city, its change has been bigger, now it is a futurist place.” Nicole.


“Moriana is a two dimensional city and I transformed it in a 3D, so it was a challenge to me to create such an ethereal city. I’ve decided to do it like this, to show how I really imagine the city. I put an invisible wall that divides the two sides of Moriana. I used dark colours to represent the obscure side and happy colours to represent the light side. The light side contains sea creatures, to make it seem an aquarium. The two parts are very different from each other and I want to show that. It took a very long time to finish it but I think I’ve created something that represents the essence of Moriana.” Dana.


“I am the city.

Poor citizens! A deadly curse has been cast upon them as they search, chasing after a dream that has become a nightmare. My traps and closed alleys make me a horrific city and worst of all I have failed my only purpose: to trap the mysterious girl. I know she is in me, hiding and running.” Marcos.


I am a tourist visiting the city for the first time…
“The city of Zenobia has a very personal type of architecture because the houses are made of bamboo placed on stilts in different heights.
The story behind of why this city was built as it’s today, is unkown. But what my friend and I learned about it is that the residents do not imagine their lives in another city which isn’t Zenobia.
We went to visit every little corner of Zenobia, and we got amazed about all the infrastructure, the surroundings and the different views that the balconies offer. The different colours that the buildings have make us distinguish them from temples or castles.” Mateo


“I am a resident:

My name is Richard, I have been living in Ersilia since I was born. My life is very boring, as my hometown. It is always the same. From work to my house. If only at least our city had some colour, happiness, to show that it is alive. We are always moving. We construct ten cities per year. The only advantage our city has is the family bondings, they are extremely strong and this is the reason why we move. Always to show our love by strings but nothing else.” Andrés.


“I decided to draw this Euphemia because I think it is a good option to describe all the city in a complete way. I divided my piece in three: the part where there are plants, another one where there is water and the third one is like a human part with objects  that human beings use. I drew some ships to represent the harbour with fruit cargo. I added the equinox in one side of the drawing and the fires where stories were told at night. Also, in the middle of my piece, I put an explosion which came from the union of the roots, water and energy used by humans.” Candela

“I have chosen to use thinglink because I didn’t t know it and it is interesting to explore new things. In my production I included some pictures which represent the new stories that were created by the equinox. Residents of the city and merchants meet at night to share a big fire, they have a great time sharing memories but what they don’t expect is those stories to become something else. In Euphemia strange things happen at night. It is not like any other city.
One of the spots drives us to a time-lapse of the solstice, it’s really beautiful to see how the sun appears and hides every day. I have chosen some images that make Euphemia a visible city. Italo Calvino created an imaginary city and some people used his description to make it visible. These pictures illustrate the city as if it were real.” Malena.



“I drew this because it represents Olivia. The castle is bigger because it shows the good and most powerful part of the city. This also shows the power that this part of the city has and that everything on that side is perfect. While at the back of the drawing I wanted to show the not so nice part of Olivia, where smog that can’t be removed can be seen and where houses are not so big. Also, I wanted to show that the main way to transport is by canals and show the difference between the lovely and powerful part in contrast with the ugly one.” Lautaro.