Whales. Por F. P.L.

The city of Whales does not have an exact location. Let’s say it goes moving all around the Atlantic Ocean. The city is beautiful; it has a great white beam that supports the big, curved, blue roof. From the roof, the city flag hangs: it is split in two horizontally, half green, half white, with a red animal in the middle of the two sides. Crossing this great beam some gorgeous pillars support the also curved and blue walls. The whole floor in this city is red, and the buildings vary. If their aim is to “give life” (such as administrative buildings) to the city they are red too; if they are houses, they are pink; if they are used for travelling, they are grey. There are two main highways on Whales: Vein Av, which is blue, and Artery St, that is red: they both end on the Town Hall.

The Mayor of the city, Mr. Brain, lives on the very North of the city. You can see a great wall, as if the city ended there, and a sign that states: ‘Control Bridge, Office of the Mayor’.

Whales is a city with an almost null percentage of crime; Cells, as the inhabitants of this mammal are called, are threatened by the only penalty available for any crime; from stealing a cent to committing a terrorist attack. In a show seen by the whole city, every Wednesday at 5:00 PM all the thieves captured in the week are expulsed through a tiny hole in the city’s ceiling, without having the chance to enter the city again, and floating and drifting for the rest of their condemned lives.

So I think I have pretty much explained you how living inside a whale feels like.


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