Samantha. Por J. G.

She is a beautiful and enormous floating city that is located in Danzig. Its ruler is Adolf Mao, a millionaire and Chinese leader who controls the whole Samantha from his golden palace with his wife Igraine Michigan, the most beautiful woman in the city. Samantha has around seven thousand houses and a population of 9, 890, 517. Most of the population are from Asia and Europe.

Adolf Mao gives its citizens money, a house and a Job. Besides, he organises many sports and quiz tournaments for everyone. He is admired and is seen as an example to follow. Moreover, nothing in Samantha touches the Earth. Mao sends his ships to the ground and takes supplies and food, materials to build houses and businesses, and gold and diamonds from a mine that is five kilometres from the city.

The inhabitants of Samantha respect Mao and accept his ideals and laws. There are three main rules in Mao’s list, first of all, nobody can kill a living organism, this consists of both humans and animals. Secondly, women must be respected, and last but not least, once you are inside the city you can never touch the Earth’s ground except you are exiled.

Furthermore, there are four hypotheses about Mao: that he was a poor farmer who had the incredible idea of building a floating house and then he started with the beautiful creation of Samantha; that as he was a Chinese leader and won the Civil war, he was given lots and lots of money; that his father was the ex-Communist leader Tse-tung Mao and he was a millionaire and left all his inheritance to Adolf; that he won the lottery and decided to build Samantha.



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