Beguilonia. Por M. B.

People from ancient Greece decided to build a city in the mountains in which they could relax, this place was called Beguilonia. It had something special, it was always sunny there, it had the perfect temperature the whole year, when you got there, you would feel something in your body, a sensation of total relaxation, you would feel free.

The city was full of hot springs, in which people could get rid of any tensions, they could also bathe in the water falls to be bathed in good luck. Everyone in this city was really kind with foreigners. They used to do a ritual to bless these persons so that they would return occasionally. Beguilonia was the type of place where anything bad ever occurred. Everyone was always smiling, this is why people from abroad liked going there, they felt welcomed and that was what everyone loved.

There is a myth about this mysterious place: it is said that people felt so good and welcomed there because they were close to the sky; angels and Gods were the population that made up the city, and were impersonated as normal people and helped those in need. These angels and Gods would leave Beguilonia and destroy it so that there wouldn’t be traces of them, this is why Beguilonia no longer exists and a new city called Atlas was built there.


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