Humid City. By Mez Breeze.

In Calvino’s imagery trading cities are ethereal places where temporary encounters take place; people come and go concentrated on their businesses; boats, camels and bags flow from one place to another looking for a destination. Busy harbours, crowded streets and local markets provide the setting.

Created by digital artist Mez Breeze, Humid City portrays the movement and turmoil of trading cities: people swim through the streets and whirl around greeting each other. Faithful to the artist’s personal and disruptive style, Humid City transports the reader directly to that imaginary place created by Calvino.



Note on the author:

Mez Breeze is an Australian-based digital artist who develops pieces in the fields of code poetry, electronic literature and digital games. Although her real name is Mary-Anne Breeze, she uses a number of  avatar nicknames such as Mez or Netwurker.



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